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Community Resources

Hachnosas Orchim – Bikur Cholim

We are close to Yale New Haven Hospital, the Children’s Hospital at Yale and St. Raphael’s Hospital. Nearby hotels include OmniCourtyard by Marriott, and The New Haven Hotel.

The Mitchell Elliott Harris Bikur Cholim Pantry, located in the Suites at Yale-New Haven on 2 Howe Street, is available for all those who are staying at the hospital or the hotel while their family members are at Yale New Haven Hospital. The pantry contains food items, seforim, religious articles appropriate for different times of the year, and information about religious services in the city of New Haven. PLEASE NOTE: The code to get into the pantry is 3-5-2.

We are excited to announce the inauguration of The Friendship House at Yale. This new facility is now open to patients and their families who need accommodations while undergoing treatment or therapy at Yale New Haven Hospital. The 12-bed facility is warm and inviting, and provides separate apartments for men, women, and couples. There is availability for short or long-term stays, with Shabbos lodging as well. Dedicated and sponsored by the David and Shiffy Lichtenstein Family Foundation, the Friendship House is centrally located across the street from the hospital. This unique residence welcomes those who need accommodations in a secure and pleasant setting. Food and amenities are supplied without charge; our goal is to ensure that each visit is as comfortable as possible. Reservations can be made either online by clicking here, or by calling (203) 693-9033. Please note that Shabbos reservations should be called in no later than Friday at noon. However, we will honor last-minute emergency reservations to the best of our ability.

Kosher Food

Shop Rite has an extensive selection of kosher products, including meat, chicken and cholov Yisroel dairy products. Shop Rite is open until 11:00 PM and is located at 113 Campbell Avenue, West Haven, (203) 934-5660. Stop & Shop also has many kosher products and is located at 150 Whalley Ave, New Haven, (203) 503-0105.

A fine array of kosher wines is available at Amity Wine & Spirits, 95 Amity Road, New Haven, (203) 397-9463.


There is a beautiful, recently renovated Mikvah in New Haven for Tevillas Noshim and Keilim, under the supervision of Rav Hillel David, shlita.  Please call (203) 387-2184 and leave a message to arrange an appointment. 


The New Haven community is connected with a well-maintained Eruv. Rav Aharon Sorscher, shlita is the Rav HaMachshir. Eruv status information is available at (203) 387-3897. To see the interactive Eruv map, please click here. If you are planning on using the Eruv while going to the hospital on Shabbos, please see this map, as the exact route is complicated.

Chevra Kadisha

There is a dedicated volunteer Chevra Kadisha to help community members in their time of need. The Taharah coordinator is R' Yechezkel Schlingenbaum; he can be reached at (203) 782-9378. Mrs. Joan Weinstock serves as the coordinator of the women volunteers. Rabbi Elchonon Zohn serves as the rabbinic consultant.


The New Haven Jewish Cemetery Association (JCA) is proud to present an online, searchable database of thousands of graves in many of the cemeteries in New Haven and the surrounding area. To search the database, please click here. To visit Kivrei Tzaddikim in the area, including Rav Levenberg, please click here for information and directions. For more information, please email.